Afternoon Tea

Well…I never thought I’d be a “lady who lunches” and let’s be real…I’m still not.

However….I have now been to Afternoon Tea!!! I was skeptical at first and thought…that’s not really my thing. Then, I drank the tea and had the sandwiches. Now I want to go ALL THE TIME!!

I recently joined some of my gals at Brown Palace for Afternoon Tea and it was an Absolute Delight!

Brown Palace in Denver ( has been around since 1892. It is a beautiful hotel in the heart of downtown Denver. They have a spa, Tea Room, and it’s a great venue for weddings and other special events. Places that are old with great history are always the most fun.

I didn’t really know what to expect for Tea; I just knew I was ready for some tiny cucumber sandwiches and girl talk.

It was really quite elegant. (I said “quite”..I”m fancy now…you know…Tea and such). They had a few options on the menu for Tea. You order it in a package. You can get just “tea” with the snacks and tea, you can get a glass of champagne with your tea and snacks, or you can get a whole bottle of champagne and tea and snacks. Guess it depends on how fancy you are and how deep your wallet is.

We seriously sat there for over two hours, just drinking tea, putting Devonshire cream on our scones, and using real silver tongs to put our sugar cubes in our tea. DELIGHTUL!

I wasn’t quite sure how fancy to dress or if I should wear a hat…but you really only need to wear a hat to Afternoon Tea when you’re in England.  We still dressed up, because, again…Afternoon Tea.

For our table setting, it included three different types of tea, scones with Devonshire cream, finger sandwiches (cucumber with dill, turkey on pumpernickel, and egg salad), and a bunch of delicious, sugary delights. We chose the Crown Palace, Earl Grey, and Herbal Chai Teas at our table. The best choices, I think. I took my tea with a cube of brown sugar and a little cream. YUM.

All in all, it was a fun experience! We gals decided it needs to be a regular thing. If anything, it’s a great excuse to bust out some cute dresses and sassy gloves.

Pinkies out, everyone! Until next time!


My “look” was all taken from my closet…each piece older than a year….

Boots: Free People

Dress: Anthropologie

Jacket: LOFT

Gloves: Target

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