How to Find the Best Deals

What’s up, guys?

I’m trying to be better this year about getting posts on the blog!

So let’s get down to it…I know I am not the only one who doesn’t have a million dollars and can’t afford to buy all of the things that I want, whenever I want. However, I always seem to find really good deals. I mean…Really. Good. Deals.

Shopping can be a huge issue if you like to do it, but it doesn’t mean we have to spend all our cash. There are so many ways to save money and buy the things you want at a great price.

For this post, I am going to share a few retail secrets (not really secrets, just trends), some tips, and tricks to finding the best deals.

One: Sign up for the emails. I KNOW it gets so annoying to get a hundred million emails per day, BUT, this is the most common form of communication now. A way to get around your inbox being filled with crazy…open an email account strictly for your shopping emails! That way, your “real” email isn’t bombarded with sale alerts. These emails will tell you when a sale is coming, send you coupons and deals, or show you when new product is released.

Two: Join the Rewards Programs. Some places, the program is just giving your email (like DSW…my FAVE. Seriously, so easy to earn rewards! You give your email every time you buy and get cash back…DUH). Sometimes it’s a rewards program that you buy into (like Barnes and Noble). It can also be a Branded Credit Card. For this instance, if you shop there at least once a month and they offer great benefits…it’s worth looking into. If you are going to shop…earn something for it! It’s crazy not to.

Three: Get the APP. A majority of retailers have their own app these days. Most of the time, it’s just easier to browse online for them specifically, but a lot of times, you get special deals just for having the App. For some places, they send specific offers and deals to those who have/download the App.

Four: In-store prices are usually better than online prices. I know it can be easier just to click and ship…but think about it…the options are always better in store and it truly is cheaper. Test it, I dare you.

Five: Shop on the weekends. A lot of times, the biggest and best sales take place between Friday and Sunday. (sometimes Thursday and Monday are included).

Six: Holidays. Any holiday. There’s always a better sale than normal. This includes literally any American Holiday.

Seven: End of Season sales and post-Holiday sales. You see the biggest markdowns during January and July for end of season sales. Seeing as how Spring comes out in January and February, Summer comes out in April, Fall comes out in July, and Holiday hits around October…these are the months to shop the previous season’s sales. Post-Christmas sales are best in January and early February.

Eight: Everywhere does markdowns at some point. Each place has a different day, but most of the time, it’s a regularly scheduled event that happens on the same day each week. Visit the stores enough to figure it out, or just ask. 🙂

Nine: JUST WAIT. I know how hard it is to see something so fabulous and want it immediately (and sometimes, we just get it because waiting is the WORST). However, everything gets marked down eventually, so as my mom always said..Patience is a virtue! Usually you can still hunt things down if it’s sold out in your local store.

Waiting is worth it! I watched this coat for three months until I bought it!

Ten: Obviously, the most fun way is to follow your most favorite bloggers since they shop so much and they will post when things go on sale! Ha!

If you are diligent, pay attention, have patience, and do the work; shopping can be an art and a skill as well as fun! Hope these tips help you all save a couple bucks this year!

Happy Shopping!


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