That Sweet Vest

I meant to have a few blog posts out in this new year, but unfortunately, our household started 2018 with a nasty cold and put everything on hold. (except for work…that never gets put on hold, am I right?)

We both finally started feeling a little better last week and decided to take a much needed night in the mountains.

One of my favorite things about living in Colorado is that we are just short drive from being in high elevation and there is SO MUCH TO DO!

As usual, our favorite things are to hike/snow shoe and hit all the local breweries up high. On our list this time was Outer Range Brewery in Frisco, CO and Periodic Brewing in Leadville, CO. We ended up closing the joint down at Periodic Brewing. We were the only customers on the snowy night and IT. WAS. GREAT. The perfect and much needed escape.

But, let’s be real…the reason I was most excited to get away was because I got to bust out multiple pairs of Sorel Boots and this sweet Columbia vest that Dude got me for Christmas. I’m ready for some snow down here in Denver!! We all want Spring to wait a bit…right?

Happy New Year everyone!


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