Oskar Blues and Boots

Happy Monday everyone!!

I have to say, living in Colorado is just plain awesome.

We have mountains, great weather, and the BEST breweries.

One of my favorite things to do is throw on a cute outfit and hang with my pals at our favorite spots.

Let me tell you; we’ve got OPTIONS!

The Tasty Weasel, Oskar Blues’ Cannery is a regular stop on our list of breweries. It’s a fun, laid back atmosphere and tasty beers.

It’s so funny…living in Missouri, we were only able to get Oskar Blues when we came to vacation in CO. I’ll never forget it..the day they released Oskar Blues in Missouri, the Dude and I were sitting at Liquids and Solids, the Oskar Blues restaurant in Longmont, drinking Dales on tap. It never gets old, being able to stop by any of their locations whenever we want!

I partly love coming to the Tasty Weasel because there is this great mirror in the loo for taking outfit selfies…

Pinner and Beerito are my beers of choice when hanging at the TW, however, they have the Hotbox Porter on draft right now….sooooooo good! Dales Pale Ale is solid and drinks real easy..(that’s one of Dude’s faves).

They did a recent release of special TenFidy…an Imperial Stout with Hotbox Roast Coffee Added and an Imperial Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels….WHOO!

These beers are super delish and suuuuper limited. GET. YOU. SOME. I had some great sips on my most recent visit.


If you’re ever in Denver, head to one of their many locations and check it out!!! (2 locations in Longmont, Lyons, and Boulder)

They are spreading quickly and you can find tap rooms in many places other than CO…but let’s be real…CO is the best. ♥

This outfit was a perfect brewery patio outfit! This sweater is only $20 and such a great color for fall! Really…this whole outfit was a steal. Wearing these jeans and boots on repeat.

Cheers with beers to pals and patios!


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