Pals and Pumpkin Patches

Okay. Don’t judge me…I had NEVER been to a Pumpkin Patch until today.

I KNOW, right?

Let me tell you…it was a BLAST!

First of all…I had no idea about all the hype Pumpkin Patches create. It took us over 30 minutes to get in to Rock Creek Farm where the Pumpkin Patch is. (we live 4 miles away…)

Stuck in the car, jamming to country music! Girls in the front, boys in the back!

This place is HUGE! They had multiple patches, a Corn Maze, a Petting Zoo, fresh pumpkin bread, decorative gourds, and cotton candy, of course.

I learned a few lessons from this adventure:

One: Wear functional clothing. You are literally walking in a dirt field. Also, when you find your pumpkin, you have to carry them to your car and they are covered in dirt. Machine washable clothing, peeps!

Two: Plaid is obvi the preferred Pumpkin Patch uniform. (we all dressed like this totally by accident)

Three: Bring some work gloves. It helps when you are inspecting the pumpkins. The fields are full of cockleburs and those are no fun stuck in your skin. Also, it’s nice to have the gloves when you are touching the fingers sunk into many soft, rotten pumpkins…EW!

Four: Treat this adventure like a tailgate! Many Pumpkin Patchers were having picnics out of the back of their cars or enjoying an ice cold bev while searching for the Perfect Pumpkin!

This is The Dude…doesn’t he look so handsome in his new buffalo plaid shirt? PS that is a pumpkin saw in his hand (aka, the plastic knife they handed us as we drove in to cut the stems…haha)
Again, functional clothing is best! Don’t forget to bring your coozies!
Searching for the perfect pumpkin can take a long time, so bring your Stanley cup to keep your beer cold!

This Pumpkin Patch was SO BIG that we could’ve been there for days searching for the best pumpkin. Whenever you made it to another field in the patch, you would see piles of discarded pumpkins as people found a better one and ditched their previous choices. It got very intense at times..

This is the Pumpkin Committee…You have the Inspector, The Pumpkin Knocker, and The Dude

But let’s be real…most of the time we were just acting plain silly.

My pals were really patient with me and were good sports taking all these photos. That’s lesson #5…Go to the Pumpkin Patch with your best pals and please, don’t bowl a rotten pumpkin into someone else’s kid.

Evey B (my dog niece) was pretty happy with our pumpkins. In total, we come home with 9 pumpkins…let the carving commence!

I will be making a point to visit the Pumpkin Patch every year from now on! Maybe next year we will brave the corn maze!

Happy Halloween!


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