Outfit Revolver


Be honest. How many times a week do you make the exclamation..”I have nothing to wear!!!”

Don’t lie.

I personally am guilty of this. I shop more often than I should and still have the nerve to utter this phrase (first world problems, right?). I’m sure I don’t just speak for myself when I say we all want something new to wear everyday.

Obviously…that isn’t reality…unless you’re super rich or won the lottery or something. (If that’s the case…call me..)

The truth is…we need to find new and different ways to wear what we already own.

For this post, I took items that currently exist in my wardrobe and created a myriad of looks to show versatility. It’s easy to get in a rut and not see a blouse’s true potential.

I pulled a handful of items in neutral colors and added a red and black buffalo plaid as my pop. With these items, I’ve created over 20 looks for many different scenarios. I even proved to myself that I could survive on just a few items for over a week! (Please don’t tell my husband….)

The items I was working with for this post:

Skinny Jeans, Black Skinny Cargo Pants, Button Front Skirt, Striped Skirt, White Button Down Shirt, Thin Long Sleeve Grey Tee, Long Sleeve Stripe Tee, Denim Jacket, Denim Shirt, Black Faux Leather Jacket, Buffalo Plaid Button Down Shirt, Buffalo Plaid Blanket Scarf, Black Dress, Grey Sweater

The Black Dress

LBD’s can be so versatile! I put a white button up shirt and a long sleeve grey tee under the dress so it didn’t take away from the shape or detail of the style. Or, you can throw jackets or sweaters over it to make it feel like a skirt.

The Skirt

Skirts!! They can be worn so many ways! Dressy, casual, sporty!


I love how a great pair of skinny jeans can be worn so many ways!

Skinny Cargo Pants

These skinny cargos could have also worked like a skinny black jean or dress pant.

As people, we always want others to see our full potential…so let’s give our clothes the same courtesy!

Happy Styling ♥



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