Are those your Grandma’s drapes?

Who is stoked that it’s Fall?!?!?

I love this time of year. It means we can layer, it’s not too hot for boots, and outfits get waaaaay more interesting.

A big trend this Fall is Couch Florals. Yes, you heard me right. No longer are we doing daisy or rose’s about vintage floral. Think about your Grandma’s couch that she’s had since the 70s…yeah…those florals.

I hear a lot of gals say they hate floral prints or they can’t wear them. I get it if florals aren’t your jam..but everyone can wear them, I promise.

A few tips about wearing floral prints..choose a size and print that works for your body type. Big floral prints will draw attention and usually don’t work as well on petite gals (it tends to overwhelm your frame). Smaller prints aren’t as intense and easier to wear.

Also, think about flower placement..i.e. does that big flower fall across your bust or in an unflattering place on your bottom half? Always try on…a lot of times when buying floral prints, not every item has the print in the same place.

Here are a few outfits I styled with floral prints, focusing on how to tone them down or transition them in to cooler weather..

I love this dress! You can pair it with booties or knee high boots..depending on the weather. I popped this long sweater vest over it as an option for when it’s cold.
For this look, I paired a floral blouse with distressed denim and cute sneaks. It’s a nice alternative to jeans and a tee.
This is such an easy outfit. Put a bomber jacket over one of your summer floral dresses, a neutral flat and call it a day!
Scared of floral pants? Don’t be! I threw on a long sleeve black tee, denim jacket, and neutral flats. Again..super easy outfit with some flair!
This outfit was one of the faves..I bought this dress in late summer, but the colors will totally work for fall. I layered it with a sweater vest and belt for shape and knee high boots. For cooler weather, add some tights!
This outfit features two Fall 2017 trends: Florals and a Military jacket. Flowy with structure! I love the contrast!

I encourage all of you to get out there and add some flowers to your wardrobe!

Remember the song in the Sound of Music “How do you solve a problem like Maria?” Obviously, you grab the drapes and sew an outfit!

Until next time..


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