Husband Jeans?

You guys. I made a discovery. I mean, I highly doubt I am the first person to do this, but I am stoked about it!

I have been on board with the whole boyfriend jean trend since day one. I even embraced the “mom jeans” eventually. However, I do sometimes struggle with finding a style that fits my body type. I am pretty curvy so I don’t always fit this style.


I was shopping with my husband the other day and he needed some jeans, so we popped by JC Penney to grab him some Levi’s. As we were going through the section I happened on a pair that was super cheap and I loved the wash and distressing detail, so I thought, “why the hell not” and tried them on.

DUDE! I have now found my most favorite pair of jeans. It’s like having a TRUE boyfriend (or husband, haha) jean.

These jeans are AMAZING! They fit like a high waist jean (cause the rise is meant for dudes).

Normally I am a 29 or 30 in women’s jeans, but I bought these in a 32/30. I cut a few inches off the bottom to create a straight crop look with a raw edge.

Buying these jeans has opened a whole new door! I can just buy a men’s pair of Levi’s and they fit in a “fashion forward” way and the price point is waaaay cheaper! (Did I mention they were $17? What whaaaaat!)

So now I pose a question….

Who wore it best??

xx Stace

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