What the HECK is business casual?

For this blog, I want to help people feel more confident in their style and fashion choices. There are so many situations where we just don’t know what to wear! Today, I want to start with a basic, but important, one. Business Casual.

How many times have you started a new job or received an invitation that includes a dress code…but you don’t know what it means?!?! ALL THE TIME, am I right?

For a lot of us, we are required to dress “Business Casual”  at work. When you google what it means, most of the definitions say; khakis, polos, button-down shirts, leather shoes, black or dark fabrics, etc. No jeans. You should look “crisp and neat” and “not like cocktail or picnic attire”

Okaaaaayyyyy…..? So what CAN and SHOULD we wear and still feel feminine?

Here’s the scoop with Biz Cazh: It can mean many different things, but in our modern society, business casual doesn’t have to be as boring as the internet describes.

-First: ask your employer what the restrictions are…everyone has their own opinion and some companies have specific requirements.

Here are some tips and sample looks to help us ACE IT!

-No Jeans. Except on Casual Friday, obvs. Don’t worry, there are lots of possibilities!  Acceptable pants would include: chinos, dress pants (any kind, skinny, trouser, pencil, cropped), or a dressy legging. Corduroys can also translate into this category.






-Blazers optional. Usually with business casual, we don’t wear suits. You could, however, dress up a chino or dressy legging with a blazer. Throw a sleeveless shell, blouse, or even a dressy tee underneath and you are good to go!

-Dresses are always easy. You can put a long sleeve shirt or collared button up underneath or pop a blazer/cardigan over a dress and call it a day. I tend to stick with the ponte knit dresses, either in a sheath style or fit and flare. Stay away from dresses that would be considered more of an “evening” option. Fun, flowy, floral dresses pair excellent with a structured blazer.

-Skirts are a nice change to pants. Make sure they are not too short or too tight. The fingertip rule is a good measurement for skirt length. If you are worried about showing too much, wearing an opaque tight can help eliminate the “too much skin” situation. Also, wear a faux (or real, your world, your oyster) skirt to add some flavor to the 9-5. We tend to make things more difficult than they need to be. Biz cazh can be super easy!



-Don’t wear anything too tight, too short, or too revealing. Save the cleave for the club, my friends!

-Tees can be a great staple, just grab them in a fabric that isn’t cotton. For example: Modal (fancy cotton blend), linen, or a rayon blend.

-Don’t forget about jumpsuits! I love to layer tops under jumpsuits to add dimension or to just help dress them up. Jumpsuits can equal dresses in the sense of wearing them with a blazer or cardigan as well.


-SHOES! The options are a lot broader than you think. No tennis shoes, beach flip flops, or shoes that are so dirty you are embarrassed to even have them by your front door (duh).In most business casual settings, you can wear the following: nice leather sandals, loafers, ballet flats, heels, booties, boots…and HOLY COW I could go on and on. (Another day, another blog post..)

For me, I base my shoe on the outfit. If I am wearing a more casual pant, I will wear a more elevated shoe. For example, a heeled bootie or pump or strappy sandal with a heel. For my more elevated looks, like dresses and skirts or black dress pants, I will pair them with a loafer or neutral shoe. That way, I am not too overdressed for BUSINESS CASUAL!

SOOOO!!!! I hope this post has helped you all feel more confident in dressing for the ridiculously broad spectrum that covers business casual.

May your days be filled with fantastically fashionable work days and good business! ♥

xoxo-Gossip Girl

Just kidding…


Some great stores for affordable business casual options are:

Banana Republic, LOFT, J.Crew, Target, Kohl’s, Express, or any department store.


Shop The Look

Ann Taylor Leopard Pump





  1. Hi Stacey! I LOVE this post! I’ve often struggled to find work outfits that look both professional and stylish. You have some great suggestions that break from the normal advice…in a good way! Way to be both adorable AND helpful. I’ll be back for sure 🙂


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